‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’ That Elzhi Will Prevail

Michael Jackson‘s “Human Nature” is definitely an immortal song. Detroit lyricist Elzhi recently released
the video for “It Ain’t Hard to Tell,” his tribute to Nas‘ work of the same name, which itself sample’s
Jackson’s earlier work. Slum Village alum Elzhi showcases his considerable skills against the haunted backdrop of Motown,
bringing even more light to the hardship the city has faced in the years since the collapse of the area’s
economy. The baby-faced rapper does a stand-up job, offering up rhymes that would make Nas proud,
such as: “my mother gave birth to this divine mind/born with this arm-leg-leg-arm-head, like a Koran
line.” Even better, Elmatic, the mixtape this song appears on, is free for download at XXL. It ain’t hard to tell that
hip-hop, and Detroit, are showing signs of life.

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