Is This The 'Best' That Beyoncé Has To Offer?

Oh, B. After delivering a barrage of beautiful performances, bountiful releases and a blockbuster video (see what I did there?), Beyoncé has released her "official" second single, "Best Thing I Never Had," and I'm not quite sure what to say about it. It has elements that I definitely like. That powerful, better-off-without-you vibe that makes "Irreplaceable" so likeable is present, and it also finds Beyoncé sounding great (if at times overwrought). I really want to like this song, but there's just something about it that's turning me off. Maybe it's the fact that Queen B -- sorry, "King" B -- has a tendency to oversing things when a simple touch would work just fine or it could be that it sounds eerily similar to 2008's "If I Were A Boy." One has to wonder why she chose this as an official single when "Till the End of Time" and even "1+1" are much better (and fresher) sounding and give us the different sound that Beyoncé said she was going for with this record. Even after the majority not liking "Run the World (Girls)," I was sure that she would follow it with some heat that would shut up all the naysayers, but I must admit that she's got me a bit worried if this is indeed the best that the album has.

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