Alison Carney Takes Us On A Wild Ride To ‘Wonderland’

Butta already mentioned the Janelle Monáe vibe she was getting from Alison Carney‘s “Japanese Candy” when it dropped last week, and now that her full LP, alisonWonderland, has been released I’m sure the comparisons will continue. Similar to Monáe, Alison has built her album around a strong theme, in this case Lewis Carroll‘s Alice In Wonderland tale, and the trippy beats and left-of-center production do bring the LSD induced adventures of Alice to mind. Vocally there are also similarities, although Alison’s range isn’t quite a match for the self-styled android, she does show she’s adept at doing smooth and sexy (“Crazy”), funky (“He Luvs Me”), and even gives Monáe’s speak-rapping a go on standout cut “Off With Her Head.” All those comparisons aside, alisonWonderland is by no means an ArchAndroid rip-off and is more than capable of standing on its’ own merits. Alison’s genuine creativity and ability to think outside the box is on full display here, and luckily for us she is sharing that creativity for free. Take a listen to two of the album cuts below, then head over to Alison’s Bandcamp page where you can download the full, 12-track album.

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