Think You Have What It Takes To Be The New 'Master Of The Mix'?

As you read this, I'll probably be heading out to buy my first set of turntables. That's because Centric and Smirnoff are bringing back Master of the Mix for a second season. In preparation for the new season, they are holding nationwide auditions for DJs to be on the show. Not only will those selected join the ranks of first season competitors like legendary DJs Jazzy Joyce, Vikter Duplaix, and season winner DJ Scratch, they'll also be competing for -- and here's the part that I'm most interested in -- $250,000 in cash and prizes.

Producer Just Blaze and DJ Kid Capri will return for the ride as the chosen competitors board a tour bus and travel across the country and compete for the title of Master of the Mix. The season also promises an appearance from the reigning mix master DJ Scratch along the way.

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The auditions already took place in LA last weekend and start in Houston today through Friday. After that, they'll hit up Miami (May 28-30), Atlanta (May 30-June 1), New York (June 1-3) and Detroit (June 4-6).

Be sure to watch for Master of the Mix this fall and if you think you've got what it takes to beat my already awesome DJ skills (I can get the records to play and everything, which I'm told is a good first step), head over to the Master of the Mix website and put your hat in the ring. I'll be over here trying to figure out what "1s and 2s" actually means.

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