J*DaVeY Wants To Give You A 'Raincheck'

Since the release of their freEP, Evil Christian Cop: The Great Mistapes, my favorite musical collective J*DaVeY has been insanely sharing their brilliance with the world. Their New World Culture Tour with Blu and Def Sound just wrapped up in Seattle with praising reviews all around. I can personally vouch for their live show's dopeness. Now the pair has unleashed visuals for "Raincheck," one of the standouts from their EP. The John Mazyck-directed clip features Jack Davey sharing intimate moments with love interest Joey, one half of eclectic hip-hop duo The Knux, with a brief background cameo by mastermind Brook D'Leau. There's groping, passion, and lots of skin: all the makings of an alluringly sexy video.

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On top of a hot video, J*DaVeY has confirmed that the looooong-awaited album, New Designer Drug, is more than some fan-perpetuated myth. Per recent tweets and a mailing list message, the project is "on the way." Not sure if this means 2011 or "sometime before the world ends." After teasing loyal supporters with inescapable songs like "Dollar or More," "Whatchalookin@," and my personal favorite, "This One," at shows over the years, it's about damn time we got a full-length release of new material. Whenever it drops, I'll be waiting with an open wallet. 

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