'Girls,' Beyoncé Is Back To 'Run The World'

We knew this day was coming. The day that Beyoncé would return and in one fell swoop show Rihanna Goat, Keri Lotion, and all the rest of those female pop/R&B tarts of questionable vocal talent to their seats near the exit. Thankfully that day is today. Well, technically this leaked yesterday, but the lo-fi demo version was kinda wack sauce. However, with the official version now surfacing online of "(Run The World) Girls," it's a foregone conclusion that Bey has another out-of-the-ballpark hit on her hands. Using the infectious Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" sample was a genius move by producer Switch. Beyoncé's female empowerment leaning lyrics are equally as in your face ("eff you, pay me" -- is she talking to her daddy/former manager Mathew Knowles?) as the track's bombastic thump. Get used to this song, because it will be everywhere from the clubs to the curb come summertime. Resistance is futile. 

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