‘Don’t Stop’ ‘Til You Get Enough Kelly Price

I’ve always been a Kelly Price fan, but I’ve never been as excited about one of her albums to drop as I am about the May 3rd release of Kelly. The first two singles, “Tired” and “Not My Daddy,” already had me open, but another song from the collection has me breaking out into a sweat with the dance floor scorcher “And You Don’t Stop.” Price sounds fantastic over a throwback late ’70s/early ’80s-sounding R&B groove (courtesy of War‘s “Galaxy”). She brings the right amount of soul to match the track’s disco funk. As someone who is borderline fanatical about music from this era, I am loving what Kelly has done with this song. It sounds like somethnig you could have heard on the radio or in the club back in the day alongside Luther‘s “The Glow Of Love” or Earth Wind & Fire‘s “Let’s Groove.” Try not to body roll when you listen to this joint. I dare you.

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