Anthony David's Album Is As Beautiful 'Above' As It Is 'Below'

I must admit that although Anthony David has been singing to many a soul since he
released his first independent album in 2004, I am just now becoming familiar with his
talent. Yes, I know a late pass must be issued immediately. With that said, I was all eager
ears to hear what Mr. David had to share with us on his fourth album, As Above So

I found myself simultaneously drawn into the music all while envisioning the
vivid images that each song paints. The opening track is fitting, as it is also the name
of the album and sets the tone for a melodic journey that doesn't quite take you in the
direction you expected, which for me is a wonderful thing. Anthony challenges his
listeners to dig just a little bit deeper. A perfect example is the thought-provoking "God
This track starts off with some incendiary commentary from Pat Robertson in
regard to Haiti and from there, whether you love it or hate it, the song forces you to pay
attention to the larger world around you. The following track, "Reach Ya," also takes an
unflinching look at our country, however this track is set to such a jazzy beat that you
may find yourself well into the song before you realize the depth of the lyrics.

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What I appreciate most about As Above So Below is how soulfully unconventional it is. From
love to race and politics, there is a raw honesty that opens you up. It is rare for one to be
able to speak to so many contrasting parts of the human experience. This is beautifully
exemplified in the DJ Kemit produced lead single "4evermore," which features Algebra
and Phonte. "4evermore" has springtime wedding season written all over it as
Anthony & Algebra's vocals blend so effortlessly. "Let Me In" and "Keep You Around"
are also two favorites that I found myself going back to if for nothing more than the
smile they elicit with lyrics like "you know your love gets better with time, and it's hard
to deny what you bring to the table it's a pleasure just to call you mine." As the album
winds down with an outro that plays again on the title of the album and ends with the
epic "Back Street," one thought played through my head...with a talent such as this, if
you're not already familiar, get familiar.

Anthony David As Above So Below [Amazon][iTunes]

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