Bounce-Worthy: Summer Williams

Without a doubt, one of my favorite eras of music is '90s hip hop soul. The combination platter of soulful singing over hip hop beats filled me up back in the day, and I'm quick to throw on a CD and do an old school dance as opposed to turning on the radio and hitting my dougie or whatever the kids are doing these days. Thankfully not all of the younger generation is caught up in the trends of today, instead looking to make future classics and not disposable hits. Such is the case with 21-year-old singer Summer Williams who just dropped her second mixtape, Boom Bap Soul, Vol. 1, this week. As the title suggests, this collection is chock full of throwback beats underneath Summer's vocals, which are both soulful and jazzy.
It's refreshing to see a young female R&B singer digging in the crates to formulate her sound. Some of these beats she sings over on her mixtape are older than she is, but she handles herself like a seasoned pro.
Take a listen to Summer on the cuts "Belong To You" produced by S1 and Caleb and "All I Wanna Say" where she sings over Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones" beat (!!) to sample what she's offering up--for free download no less on her Bandcamp page.

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