Do You ‘Remember’ Jennifer Hudson?

I literally just spent two minutes debating on whether or not this was phony artwork. This, folks, is the album cover for the former American Idol contestant and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson‘s upcoming album, I Remember Me. Thinking this was the work of some eager fan, I confirmed via her Twitter page, where the cover was released, that the woman pictured here is, in fact, JennyHud, and not a binge-eating Brandy. If I am to draw conclusions from the serene, empowering photo, I’d wager that the gold wrist cuff signifies her newest gig as the Incredible Shrinking Woman. Her powers include air horn-strength vocal chords and the ability to never look the same in two photographs. All jokes aside, the Weight Watchers spokeswoman looks stunning here. Fit and gorgeous with, at long last, a sensible hair situation. It’s refreshing to see Jennifer in love, enjoying motherhood and life considering the troubling years she’s had. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this. To promote her single, “Where You At” she’ll scream at viewers on Mother Oprah‘s couch during the first televised performance of the song this Thursday, where pre-shrinkage photos will surely be shown and well-timed tears will be shed. JHud’s appearance on Oprah begs the perennial question: “Harpo, who dis woman?” After looking at this cover, are you buying what JHud’s selling?

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