Cee-Lo Leaves 'Bodies' In His Wake

The full length, Mikael Colombu directed video short motion picture for Cee-Lo Green's "Bodies" has finally hit the interwebs, and it's certainly as good as the trailer led us to believe. Cee-Lo takes on the role of a serial killer with a fetish for high-heeled shoes who, after killing off a number of ladies sets his sights on the ringleader of the local circus (Janelle Monáe). However, the hunter becomes the hunted as it transpires that Ms. Monáe also a serial killer, one with a penchant for stylish shades. She turns the tables on Green, slitting his throat with a Karl Lagerfeld-shaped knife and adding his sunglasses to a collection that includes those belonging to Raphael Saadiq and Common. Interestingly she also has Bilal locked up in what looks like an oven. I know. Strange. Tantalizingly, the video ends with "To Be Continued..." and then we get another glimpse of the imprisoned Bilal as a short snippet of Janelle's "Locked Inside" plays. Could it be that Colombu is set to direct a video for "Locked Inside" as a follow-on to "Bodies"? I sincerely hope so. Hit play below and watch this magnificent video--several times.

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