Vikter Duplaix & Common Want To Give You Some 'Morning Fun'

There's no better way to start your day off than with a little somethin' somethin'. Or make that a little "Morning Fun," the sensuous new single from Vikter Duplaix featuring Common. We got a sample of this joint on the For Players Only mixtape a few weeks ago, but now we get to slip and slide into the full-length track. The electronic groove begins as Vikter wakes up to see that his lady is dressed and ready for work, but he has another kind of putting in work on his mind. Whispering and cooing that he has some unfinished business from the night before that needs to be handled, he delivers a convincing argument for her to come back to bed. Common adds an extra coating of sexy with his verses spread out throughout the track. I'll take waking up to this instead of a loud-ass alarm any day.

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