Keyshia Cole Does Not 'Take' Us 'Away' On Conan

Keyshia Cole. When I think of her, sadly, the first images that come to mind are of her substance abusing clown of a mother Frankie, and her perpetually-pregnant sister, Neffie. Sure her rags-to-riches story is inspiring. Sure, girls from the Bronx to Birmingham rushed to get a Kool-Aid dye job after her orange coloring ran down her face at the end of the "I Should Have Cheated" video. Who doesn't like to see a former orphan get some shine? All of that is well and good. But watching last night's performance of "Take Me Away" on Conan, I wondered, like with many of her live showings, if she is either terribly unhappy in her profession or could actually just be that boring to watch.

After the bounce

I get it. Being from Oakland, raised by a lover of drugs, dodging shanks and the like, sure, you're going to be a tad guarded. But in this interview with Chelsea Handler, the song "Long Way Down," "or the video for "I Aint Thru," for example, I always feel like I'm waiting for it to pick up and get interesting. Where's the climax? Enough of this ongoing commercial for adoption and family therapy, where's the good part? I can look past the fact that she's afflicted with the same condition that prevents Ameriiiiiie from acknowledging her actual vocal range. I can ignore the whole singing-on-a-washing-machine-like-Kandi effect she favors. That's forgivable. But, it's all much easier to stomach as long as you entertain us while taking yourself too seriously. Right J-Lo? She recently fired her manager behind her album's poor performance, completely ignoring the fact that the project is as interesting as a Fantasia, Tyrese, and Mary J. Blige book reading. Oh, the blame game. Anywho, peep her performance below.

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