Jennifer Hudson Is Wondering ‘Where You At’

If you’re anything like me, you are all types of sick of Jennifer Hudson‘s Weight Watchers’
commercials. As much as I love her voice and am happy for her outstanding weight loss,
hearing her scream “IT’S A NEW DAYYYY!!!!!!” every single commercial break on every single
network has me suffering from a serious case of J.Hud fatigue. So when her latest single
surfaced yesterday, I was less than excited to hear her voice. And when I saw that R.Kelly had a
hand in it
, my excitement level plummeted even lower. However, as much as I anticipated not
liking this song, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying it more than I expected to. The
track sticks close to Kell’s typical soaring production sound, but it’s Hudson’s delivery that
makes “Where You At” worth the listen. She hits all the right notes in this one, nearly making
those WW commercials a bit more tolerable. Jenny’s sophomore album, I Remember Me, is due out
on March 22nd.

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