Cry Me A 'River': D'Angelo Offers Fans A 'Prelude'

Okay. So let me get this straight, D'Angelo. You want for me, one of your most esteemed and patient stans to jump for joy over some previously unreleased tracks to tie me and the masses over until this mythical, magical, majestic James River album surfaces? No, sir. You can't fool me. Sure, I know that this James River: Album Prelude wasn't released by but you but by Think Differently Music Group who surely saw this as a good idea for the majority of people who don't have such tracks as "1000 Deaths," Slum Village's "Tell Me," "Glass Mountain Trust," or "Found My Smile Again" along with a smattering of other tracks I don't own already, but I'm not so easily swayed. Remember when I said that I don't want to hear anything from you about "returning" until you indeed have returned with new material? Well I'm still holding that position. For those of you who are so inclined, make sure you grab your copy of yet more audible teases such as "Ghetto Music" featuring Q-Tip and "Bullsh*t" from this compilation at the Rush Hour store. The rest of you, like me, can pout and continue to go on with your day. [H/T:MVMT]

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