Conya Doss Gives Us Her ‘All’

With so much good music having been released in the last year, the vast majority of tunes received a few spins, but with my inbox looking like an episode of Music Hoarders, it was quickly on to the next one. Blu Transition by Conya Doss was one such album that I listened to a couple times, then it got caught in the matrix and fell by the wayside. I’m encouraged to revisit this album now, however, with the release of the first video from the project for the song “All In You.” Not only does this video signal Conya’s return to our computer and television screens, but it serves as producer/musician extraordinaire Zo!‘s acting debut in his role as her tall, fine friend who is always just a call away when her man isn’t. I’m hoping there there is a part two to this clip or that the storyline for her next video picks up where this one ends, because I want to see how Conya and Zo!’s friendships evolves, if you know what I mean.

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