A Tribe Called Quest Will Soon Bring Their 'Beats, Rhymes & Life' To The Big Screen

Whispers of a documentary on A Tribe Called Quest have been fluttering about for quite some time now. While I wasn't entirely convinced what the focus would be or if Michael Rappaport who serves as Beats Rhymes & Life's director knew at all what he was doing, I have to say that I am pleased after viewing the trailer. Then again, this is only a trailer so the movie could be wholly different when its viewed in its entirety. There is a fair amount of tension between members Q-Tip and Phife Dawg, which is to be expected since they've had a personal and working relationship that has spanned decades. In fact, Q-Tip tweeted today that he is not in support of the documentary. The drama is also upped by exploring Phife's ongoing diabetes-related health problems and the threat by Tribe's members, including Jairobi and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, that they will never unite on stage again. Personally, I am really hoping that this movie serves to revive the kind of music documentary experience that films such as Dave Chappelle's Block Party did. Plus, as a 20 plus ATCQ stan, I really want need for this film to be executed well. Did I mention that the film will also include appearances from Kanye West, Nas, Mos Def, The Roots, Large Professor, Monie Love, Prince Paul and more? Intrigued? View the trailer below. Apologies in advance for the video and audio not being properly synced. 

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