Dear Quincy Jones: Stop The Madness

Legendary producer Quincy Jones has done it again. No, he hasn't crafted the second coming of "Thriller," but quite the contrary. Released last week, his newest tribute project, Q: Soul Bossa Nostra, sees younger artists revisiting gems from his stellar production catalog. A follow-up to 1995's brilliant Q's Jook Joint sounds bombastic in theory, yes? Well, idea and execution are, sadly, two different things. Despite the high points on the new disc (BeBe Winans, Jennifer Hudson), the man's good judgment was apparently buried with Michael Jackson, and what remains is an old guy with a sharpening knack for musical missteps.
He recently sat down with US Magazine for a brief interview. He is certain Michael would not have wanted any of this new music released, called Kanye West "just a rapper," blah blah blah. Fine. Whatever. Here's the most important question:

Us: Is there anyone now that you think has the spark that Michael did? 

QJ: Akon, Ludacris or Usher.

Sir. Let me pull out these chairs for you so you can have three seats. Maybe the prune juice was spiked? Maybe there's booger sugar in play? Comparing Akon, the musical bedbug, to the King is borderline blasphemous and indicative of a larger issue. Putting a '90's bounce beat over a remake of "Secret Garden" was also a sign of impending lunacy. And then: "We Are The World 25." It's over. Quincy, you have seven kids and a million friends. You're out here approving remakes all willy-nilly. Naw, Grandpa. Get help. Stop the madness.

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