‘Sometimes’ Eric Benét Cries

My musical love affair with Eric Benét began back in 1994 I first spotted the then-cornrowed
singer in the video for Jeff Lorber‘s “Say Love.” I was instantly hooked on his voice (it didn’t hurt
that he was very easy on the eyes also). Fast forward 16 years later and I am just as hooked,
especially after watching the visuals for his latest song, “Sometimes I Cry.” I’m a sucker for
a sensitive man and nothing says sensitive more than this song. Benét puts in a powerful
vocal performance as he sings about his attachment to a past love, while prepping to take the
stage. His tear-filled eyes tell a powerful story as we watch him reminiscing about the good
times, while his love unpacks boxes and stares lovingly at pictures. While it initially seems
that she is also caught up in memories of the past, it isn’t until the end that we learn that
instead of pictures of her and Benét, she’s looking at pictures of her and her new husband. This
thoughtfully sappy video will definitely tug at the heartstrings of anybody who’s ever had a
hard time moving past an old flame.

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