'Feed Your Ears' With These Musical Delicacies From PinBoardBlog

PinBoardBlog, our progressive soul music blogging fam from across the pond, released their first musical project last week and true to its name it's a tasty treat. Feed Your Ears, Vol 1: Soul Edition features seven big tunes from Oliver DaySoul, Jimetta Rose, Peter Hadar, DivaGeek, Fatima x Alex Nut, Brittany Bosco and Reggie B. Some of those names may ring a bell and others may be unfamiliar, but trust me that you need to get familiar with this EP.
I dig every song on this compilation, but I've pulled out two of my faves below to highlight the types of sounds that will caress your eardrums on Feed Your Ears. DivaGeek, made up of Vula and Ben Jones, brings a sultry groove out to play, and the Reggie B track sounds like a lost Prince song--one of the good and funky ones. The best news of all? Feed Your Ears is available for free download and is the first of many compilations that PinBoardBlog has planned. If they all sound as good as this volume, keep 'em coming!

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