'Trust' Us: D'Angelo Gets Primal With Mark Ronson

I like a lot of different kinds of music. Music that I don't even write about on SoulBounce. I knew from the description of "Glass Mountain Trust," Mark Ronson's track with D'Angelo from Mark's newest Record Collection--which you can stream here--that it would be interesting to say the least. After all, this track's title was a bit of a miscommunication error between Mark and D'Angelo resulting with D'Angelo penning lyrics to match the track's title. Now that I've heard it, however, I'm confused. I mean, is this D'Angelo? If it is, why does he sound like Evil Ron Isley? Is that how Mr. Big sounded after he returned from the desert after discovering his wife was in love with R. Kelly? Or is that Cee-Lo after he comes off a bender? I'm just really confused. In any case, feel free to postulate your own theory on whatever this is after you press play below. [H/T: SC]

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