‘Something’s Got A Hold On’ Christina Aguilera

I try my best to like Christina Aguilera, Lawd knows I do. There’s no denying the
fact that the girl’s got some serious pipes, but I’ve never been able to shake
the notion that she is trying way too hard. Every single song, it seems like she’s
still trying to prove she can sing with her overzealous runs and overstylings.
If she would just take it down a few notches, I’d likely have no choice but to
jump onboard and join the legions of fans that have made her the success that
she is today. Her latest video is a remake of Etta James‘ “Something’s Got a
Hold on Me” and it finally seems that the music has finally caught up to her voice. She perfectly
captures the pain and heartache that James always injected into her songs.
Check out Xtina’s version, which is a song from her upcoming feature film Burlesque, and let us know if she does the song justice.
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