Sam Sparro Floats Us On This ‘Pink Cloud’

I love Sam Sparro. So much so that when faced with the choice of seeing him perform or Meshell Ndegeocello perform at this year’s Sunset Junction street fair in LA, I chose his set. Why? Firstly, because I’ve already seen Meshell on several different occasions and, yes, I heard she rocked it. Secondly, because Sam sings one of my favorite songs of all time, “Black and Gold,” and he can sang. This new track “Pink Cloud” doesn’t feature Sam singing as much as we’re used to but it does an amazing job of encapsulating and regurgitating all of Chicago house music I used to hear late nights on WGCI as a kid. “Pink Cloud” and the numerous remixes that will follow will be available on his website in mid-September so be sure to check those out when they drop. In the meantime, here’s to being excited for some new Sam Sparro in our midst. Fall seems to be shaping up to a perfect season for great new releases, no? [H/T: KCRW]

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