Fantasia & Cee-Lo Shock & 'Thrill'

I'm not going to go the route of every gossip website out there who has used this track as a means to revisit Fantasia's recent personal troubles. I am going to write strictly about the merit of this track, as I wish more people would. I like Fantasia and I like Cee-Lo. They are both super-talented, and I can't believe I've never imagined them dueting on a track before. "Thrill Is Gone" is a song rife with love woes unsurprisingly. Granted, the line "I'm not your girl, you're not my man" only gives me pause given recent circumstances, but it really is common fodder for several other love songs. I do wish Cee-Lo was singing instead of rhyming, but I'll take whatever I get when it comes to him. Take a listen below. 

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