Eric Roberson Tugs At Heartstrings With ‘Still’

Unless you just started reading SoulBounce yesterday, then you should know how I feel about Eric Roberson. The object of my Errobsession can do no wrong. He’s the man and everything that he touches is golden. The end. It’s really not up for debate. But in the event that you need further proof, then I present to you his brand-spanking new video for the song “Still” from his last release, Music Fan First. Erro starts off at a nightclub looking lost and out of sorts while everyone around him parties it up. He leaves and we see him flashing back to happier times with the object of these lyrics. Just when you think that the video is going in one direction, he flips the script with a heart-wrenching twist that culminates in an emotional dénouement. I was privileged to see a preview of this video a few weeks ago and in a room full of people,
the ending had me in tears. I’m telling you right now, have a box of tissues nearby. Beautifully done by Chris & Blaq of Impakt Studios out of Chicago (who also shot the “Dealing” video), you’ll start seeing this tonight on my favorite station VH1 Soul and also on Centric. Enjoy and reach out and touch someone you love afterward.
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