Black Spade & Friends Completely Slay & 'Destroy'

Instead of rushing to my computer to announce with wild abandon that Black Spade's latest mixtape, Build And Destroy, had dropped last week, I decided to fall back and get more acquainted with it instead of giving it a cursory listen. My love for Black Spade, and his frequent collaborator Coultrain, is not a sentiment that needs to be expounded upon any further. Additional appearances by El Prez, Vandalyzm, Rockwell Knuckles, as well as notable lush samples from jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby seal the deal. But I will say that out of all the legal free music immediately available to you, this is definitely one that you want to have in your immediate reach. Not just because I said so but because you would be doing your ears a disservice if you didn't. I have several favorites from this album. Below are only two. Don't deny yourself the chance to enjoy another oft-slept upon hip-hop talent. 

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