Is Kelis Bringing The 'Fireworks' On The '4th Of July'?

I'm kinda over Kelis. Yeah, I said it. Her new music just doesn't appeal to me anymore. I rode hard when she caught her man out there, when her milkshake brought all her boys to the yard and even when she got all bossy. Her music was a quirky blend of soul and hip-hop. But this techno mumbo jumbo she's doing now makes me say "Oh hell no." So it was with a heavy heart that I brought myself to watch the video for "4th of July (Fireworks)." I was fully prepared to hate it, but I didn't. Now, now I didn't love it either, but it was watchable with Kelis rocking a multitude of outfits and scenes filled with lots of colorful bright lights. The song itself is semi-listenable, at least up until the second verse when the techno beat goes into overdrive, and unfortunately I'm fresh out of glow sticks. But I'll say this, if this track got a soulful house refix, I'd be all over it. 

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