Brandy Is Getting Bran'Nu On Us

The alter ego fad is contagious it seems. And, while Beyoncé's Sasha Fierce popularized the idea that sweet Southern belles can transform into wanton, gyrating vixens on stage, Brandy Norwood is set to show us that girl-next-door types can also become freestyle rappers once they get a Timbaland beat to accompany their flow. Don't laugh.

If you tuned in last night to VH1's newest reality train wreck Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business featuring Brandy, her brother, the oversexed Ray J, their dad Willie Norwood, Sr. and their all-about-business momager Sonja,
you know what I'm talking about. On the show, Brandy let us know that
she will be coming out soon with new music from her alter ego Bran'Nu
who will be rapping and singing on her next CD, which is also
set to feature Ray J. While Brandy has already tried her hand at
rapping--officially introducing Bran'Nu with two credits on Timbaland Presents Shock Value 2 including the song "Meet in the Middle"--she will be taking a big risk with her career by formally identifying herself as a rapper. (We see how well that worked for Tyrese aka Black-Ty.)
While rapping is probably the last thing we expected from the acting
and singing performer, it is certainly not far-fetched.

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With the
progressively growing number of rappers making their foray into acting
and singing, it's only fair that the tide starts to shift. So, while I
put two thumbs down to the new show, I have
to give Brandy's risk-taking move to become a rapper two thumbs up. Reinventing oneself has proven to be the elusive elixir for many
stars who stay successful in the industry. (We see how well that's worked for Sean Combs aka Diddy.) If her stuff is wack, though,
then let's pretend this post didn't happen.

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