'My Life' At 15: 'No One Else'

Unwavering dedication--at the expense of tears, heartache and sanity--throbs in the core of any true "ride or die" type of love. When My Life dropped, Mary J. Blige had become the poster child for tormented souls battered by incredibly flawed love and "No One Else" was her pledge to stay and never stray. Produced by Dalvin DeGrate and Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey of Jodeci, the track was rooted in a sample from Al Green's "Free at Last" and layered with gritty drums and a funky, slap bass to give it that Hip Hop Soul edge. Mary assures K-Ci (let's be real, that was her mega boo at the time) that her heart was his to possess and their "love was meant to be." While her raspy vocals bled with an illogical adoration:

"Can't hide / 'Cause I'm satisfied / Yes, I'm satisfied / Even when I cry / Won't stray / Stray away from you / I would be a fool / You know these words are true."

With Slick Rick chanting "There is no competition" in the background, this joint had to be a tremendous ego stroke to K-Ci, who also lent his voice to the song's hook. Mary was indeed that "ride or die" chick and her streetwise monogamy was as real as it gets.

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