We Sacrifice Our Ears To R. Kelly's 'Religious' Epiphany

I don't fancy myself a religious person. That being said, I do hold a certain reverence for it and its place in the hearts of those who hold it dear to theirs. It comes as no surprise, unfortunately, that R. Kelly has a new song titled "Religious." Briefly, because I refuse to devote any more time to this buffoon than I have to, R. Kelly is drawing a comparison to the woman he loves by singing that "there's something church about you." I'm so totally not kidding, though I wish I were. Comparing women to inanimate objects back in the day just wasn't enough for you, huh Kells? Prepare for this song to either get panties in a bunch or taken off quick-fast by those who scored 700 or less on their SATs. You can hear it here. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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