People Under The Stairs ‘Hit’ The Mark Once Again

PUTS_beach.jpgI love, love, love, love Los Angeles’ People Under The Stairs. Outside of De La Soul, the duo of Thes One and  Double K are one of the most consistent Hip Hop acts I have ever heard. And when I say consistent I mean this: solid tracks on every album with nary a skip forward, great if albeit word-of-mouth marketing, solid shows, and lest we forget this super awesome video. How else can one explain the fact that Carried Away is their seventh album in almost as many years? They were the first group that used Little Beaver‘s “Get Into The Party Life” adroitly prior to Jay-Z‘s use of the sample on his American Gangster, but I digress. “Hit The Top,” the first single from their new album,  features their unmistakable sound of well-crafted beats, a bouncy yet laid-back vibe, and lyrics that match. Be sure to peep their promo video for the album after the bounce. It’s worth it. [H/T: OKP

People Under The Stairs: “Hit The Top”

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