Camp Lo Blame It On The ‘Boogie’

I called it. The ’70s look to be neck-in-neck with the decade du jour of the moment. While we wait for the neon colors and acid wash to implode, let’s reminisce on how much fun we all had posing and preening in our favorite double-knits and platform shoes while listening to the Hip Hop torchbearers for ’70s cool, Camp Lo. “Boogie Nights” is the their latest single from their forthcoming album Another Heist. This project will be produced by Ski Beatz, the same one who gave us the up-jump-the-boogie fun from their classic Uptown Saturday Night. That extra bit of light you just noticed came from my smile lighting up the sky while listening to this song. Here’s to more beacons of light doing the same after you press play. [H/T: OKP]

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