Get Closer To Tawiah Before She Goes ‘Further Away’

tawiah_stage.jpgEver since discovering UK songstress and Bounce -Worthy artist Tawiah and her lovely tracks from In Jodi’s Bedroom along with her track on Eric Lau‘s wonderful New Territories, I have kept her voice on steady rotation on my iPod. Her British-inflected soulfulness is such a welcome respite from the steady and forgettable Pop princesses that we are assaulted with aurally on the daily. From producer Zed Bias comes her collaboration on the new track “Further Away.” Score one for the duo, and another one for me since this will be very welcomed onto my growing list of tracks from her in my iTunes library. Enjoy. [H/T:MVMT]

Zed Bias feat. Tawiah: “Further Away”

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[Photo: Mr Skel]

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