J*DaVeY Previews New Material In Concert

Over the past couple of weeks, J*DaVeY has brought their live show to Washington, DC, New York City, Boston, Chicago and Atlanta, and concertgoers were treated to the unexpected yet delightful debut of new music from their upcoming release. I caught them in DC when they opened for The Foreign Exchange, and it was indeed a surprise that the duo decided to devote half of their set to introducing new music to the audience. It was a risky move that paid off and more than likely made attendees hungry to get the studio versions of these new songs in their hands. There’s no word on a firm release date for the new J*DaVeY set, but fans can enjoy these new songs live and in living color when the duo performs in concert. This week will find them lighting a fire in Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest music festival for three nights from March 19-21. But for those unable to attend SXSW and still wanting a J*DaVeY fix, check Miss Jack and Brook out after the bounce doing what they do best.

J*DaVeY opened their set with the new track “Kill 4 Fun,” which was an interesting way to kick the night off with its industrial sound.

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The pair segued into the laid back funk of “Get Together,” a new track that I was really digging on.  

The most surpring moment of their performance came when Miss Jack fell to the back and her silent partner Brook took hold of the mic on “Little Tramp$.” Check him out:

Miss Jack slowed it down and sexed it up on the new track “Listen.”

I’m not sure of the name of this particular new song, but it lent itself to one of the funnier moments of the show when J*DaVeY invited some audience members on stage to dance with them. Let’s just say that a certain young lady who hopped on stage wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion.   

[Photo: Kimberly Hines/Butta]

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