Indigo Jam Unit Reimagines Common In The Jazziest Of Ways

indigo_jam_unit-re_common.jpegIndigo Jam Unit is likely a band whose music you may have never heard of. This jazz group has released three albums so far in their native Japan, but it is their fourth album that is truly special. Re: Common is an album similar to many others that have sought to reimagine another artist's music in a fresh and updated way. Unlike Re: Generations, an album of reworked Nat King Cole material, Re: Common uses a contemporary lyricist whose newest music we will hopefully get to enjoy in years to come. Indigo Jam Unit goes through the archives all that way back to when Common's surname was Sense, and does a masterful job on seminal classics "I Used To Love Her" and "Communism." It is their version of "Come Close," however, that makes me yearn for their jazzy, sometimes swinging version much more than the already well done original. See for yourself below, then go grab a copy and be the coolest one in your set. 

Indigo Jam Unit feat. Common & Mary J. Blige: "Come Close"

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Indigo Jam Unit [Official][MySpace]

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