Want To Know What Mixtapes We're Listening To? Of Course You Do!

ahh-mixtape.jpegIt's been awhile since we did a fully-fledged Mixtape Roundup, but never fear. We're back in full effect mode to allay your mixtape anxiety. Amongst ourselves, we're a pretty well-rounded group of people with varied yet sophisticated musical tastes. And while we love coming up with our own playlists, it's always nice to switch to auto-pilot and let someone else steer us down paths that are mostly familiar but often unexpectedly welcomed. So without further ado, here are some mixtapes that the Soulbounce family has been bumping steadily and on the regular.

nOva's pick:

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On DJ Destroyer's "Strictly Social Mix - Soulshine," there's so much WIN on this mix it's ridiculous--Wayna, Muhsinah, Bilal, Q-Tip, Badu, Dwele and so much more. I've played it 20 times since downloading it, and it will never leave my iPod. [BL]  
Fave's pick:

Flowink's "Prototype of Nu Soul" is an aural cornucopia of obscure and familiar underground Soul from around the globe. The Big La brings a consistent flow of good tunes that blend so well, you can't tell where one song ends and the other begins. [FI

ill Mami's picks:

Full Crate & FS Green are two DJs I have never heard of until my virgin ears happened upon these mixes, and they are heavenly. One mix for each month of the year, most of which include songs from Bounce-Worthy artists. Do yourself a favor and download all of them, put them on repeat and the music will seem to endlessly flow out of your speakers. Perfect, lounge-worthy, and on constant repeat. [MM]
RP3's "Dilla Midnight Snack" is a nice blend of Dilla instrumental tracks either done by him or inspired by him. Many nice Madlib--his beat-making brother from another mother--joints as well. It's savory and thick enough to eat with a spoon. [DMS]
DJ Stylus' picks:

Rob Swift's Dust To Dust - When diligent digging and skills honed over a storied career come together like this, I don't know whether to drop to the floor in a six-step or lock myself in my lab and practice on the decks. A b-boy mix with many joints you've most likely never heard (and a few beloved classics), stitched together with understated yet precise turntable work. [Amazon]

DJ Statik's "Winter 2009 Mix" - Statik can do more in one live take than what a lot of DJs are capable of when pre-assembling a mix. And he's always got joints I haven't heard. [TP]
Butta's picks:

I've had two mixtapes in heavy rotation: Teedra Moses' Lionhearted and Mae Day's Cherish the Day. I mentioned both here on SB last week, and I've been grooving to them ever since. With the exception of one or two tracks, Teedra's mixtape in on par with the delicious Complex Simplicity. And Mae Day is proving herself to be a femcee to reckon with with her mixtape. The combination of her wicked flow over Sade classics was a genius move. Do the ladies run this mutha? Hell yeah! [MS/MDMD]

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