Jay Smooth and Elizabeth Berry Discuss Domestic Violence In the Industry

Some time after Big Punisher passed away in 2000 an article by Elizabeth Mendez Berry surfaced in VIBE magazine, in which the celebrated MC was revealed to have beaten his wife Liza Rios with a lead pipe for not changing his beeper’s battery. As expected, the journo received plenty of criticism, not only for “defaming” the late rapper’s legacy but also for having the guts to expose intimate partner violence within the Hip Hop industry. In the video below, Jay Smooth interviews Berry about her article as it relates to the current situation involving Rihanna and Chris Brown. As evidenced by much of the reaction across blogs as well as within the celebrity industrial complex, the victims are often shamed, blamed and guilted into silence as their famous attackers continue to be lauded and apologized for. 
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Assessing Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Homicide (pdf) [NCJRS]
National Domestic Violence Hotline [NDVH]
Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community [IDVAAC]
Women of Color Against Violence [INCITE]

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