Not Corporal But ‘Classical’ Punishment?


Back in July, an Ohio man was found to be playing Hip Hop on his car stereo too loud. Well, it was July, and that’s prime cookout season, so what’s the big deal? The big deal came when he was faced with a decision from the judge presiding over his case: pay a $150 fine or pay a reduced fine of $35 contingent on him listening to classical music for 20 hours. The man supposedly could not last 15 minutes, and he ended up paying the fine in full.
This is ridiculous for several reasons. Firstly, the judge seems to think that people who listen to Hip Hop do not like Classical music. To quote Slum Village, “F**k this rap sh*t/I listen to Classical,” so it’s a bit prejudicial (pun intended) for the judge to assume this man would not like Beethoven, Bach, or Brahms. And maybe it’s just me, but most people I know listen to Classical music rather loudly. Secondly, why not have the man forced to listen to Jazz music? Perhaps the judge agrees with Wynton Marsalis’ view of Hip Hop or believes the validity of this study. According to CNN, the judge claimed that she was trying to broaden the musical horizons of the defendant. In any case, the proceedings and outcome of this case just go to show just how ignorant both the judge and defendant were in this case. Much love to Fave for bringing this to our attention. 
Rap fan pays fine rather than listen to classical music [CNN]

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