Million DJ March Stomps Into DC Later This Month

million-dj-march-logo.gifThe "Million DJ March," organized by DJ Green Lantern and A. Shaw will be descending upon Washington D.C. August 29th and 30th. Sure, it sounds like fun, but why the political overtone by using the "million" and "DC" like the many "million fill-in-the-blank" marches DC has hosted in the past? The reason says event organizers is to bring awareness to the need for better compensation, better security at events, and hopefully organized union for professional DJs. Organizers would also like to spotlight DJs contributions to the music industry. While some would disagree, citing the fact that some, including the organizers themselves, have thrived in an industry where no regulation is the name of the game and benefical if you are able to hustle yourself to the fullest, others will likely be rejoicing for the slew of events and parties that this event will bring to the DC area. Many artists are slated to attend such as KRS-ONE, DJ SNS, and Joell Ortiz. Whether you agree with the organizers' mission or not, this will undoubtedly be a fun weekend in the nation's capital. For more information, visit the Million DJ's blog here.

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