Barack the Note! Obama Recruits Joss Stone for Campaign Song

In news that couldn't have hit us any harder had someone used a ba-rick, Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama has recruited British singer Joss Stone to record a theme song for his Presidential campaign. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, the senator from Illinois is a big fan of the young Brit and sent her a personal message asking her to come on board. As for Stone, she's definitely on Team Obama, saying that she's "very excited to be asked to do this for him." Well, alright. While there's no doubt the young lady can blow, it's still an interesting choice. Just for kicks and giggles, let's play out the thought process here: At first, Barack probably needed a short film done and asked Oliver Stone. Then his staff reminded him of his controversial body of work, including the film JFK, and urged him to reconsider. Then, he started to reach out to Sharon Stone to be a spokesperson for the campaign, but again, once he was forced to view her performance in Basic Instinct 2, he came to his senses and hung up the phone. Determined to push forward, Obama spun through his rolodex, and Voila! Joss was the last Stone left unturned (zing!) and got the job. Not for nothing, but he probably should've waited to see how she does on The Tudors

Clearly we're just having fun with this, but the finished product will definitely be a must-hear, I'm sure. Word on the street is that he's also asked Alicia Keys and Jay-Z to contribute songs as well. What would really be interesting is if we'd be able to Barack the Vote and choose the one we like the best.

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Joss Stone Recording Barack Obama's Campaign Theme [VIBE]

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