Is the Blogosphere Ruining the Discussion of Music? Just Ask Q-Tip.

The folks over at HipHopRuckus have some excerpts from Q-Tip's upcoming interview with SPIN magazine, and he has a pretty interesting (possibly polarizing) take on music blogs. Tip, I implore you to drop by SoulBounce 'cause you ain't seen nothing yet, my brother!

"I think it's a shame, because everyone becomes a critic. You see something at the bottom of everything that says, 'What's your comment?' And everyone has to offer their opinion and comment... To me, that drains the art. All of a sudden, the imagination just passes. Whereas predating the internet and predating videos, you had an active imagination. You would hear sounds and then get mental pictures of what these sounds felt like to you. It engaged you and made you more invested in it. It made you want to get tickets to the show, buy the album, put the poster on the wall. Now it's sensory overload."

For the most part, Q-Tip has nothing to worry about since people tend to like him, at least around these parts. Also, it's part of our general mandate that I burn you with a hotcomb if you say anything bad about Q-Tip. There is, however, room for discussion about his assertion. On one hand, all of these artists need to suck it up, because no one's exempt or free from this user-generated version of the web where opinions are as high in abundance as a**holes and every a**hole has an opinion. But how many times have you rolled your eyes at some commenter on some blog who called something "wack" just to be the resident contrarian and truculent sassy-pants with no fair basis or worthwhile perspective? I have to hand it to our regulars here at SB, you guys know "wack" when you hear it, and have a pretty good grasp on quality music. Most of you.

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