The Return of Platinum Pied Pipers

platinum_pied_pipers.jpgWhen Platinum Pied Pipers, consisting of Detroit’s own Wajeed and Saadiq, emerged on the music music scene four years ago, their sound was very welcomed from progressive-thinking music lovers around the globe. Artists such as Tiombe Lockhart, Rogiers, and Steve Spacek all represented on PPP’s debut album. PPP has remained in the background since then, still working, but have yet to release a new album. Until now. Having added personal fave Coultrain and others to the roster, the new PPP album, entitled Abundance, will be released October 8th. I know that this seems like a long time from now, but rest assured that come July 8th you can pick up the new single “On A Cloud” featuring Karma Stewart while the B-side features Coultrain singing “Angel.” For now, you can only hear the tracks on PPP’s MySpace page. And if that still seems to far away, you can always soothe yourself with the “Bling 47” podcast mixed up by PPP’s Wajeed.

Platinum Pied Pipers [Official][MySpace]
[H/T: IS]

[Photo: Jati Lindsay]

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