'Nobody' Channels MiJac Better Than Ne-Yo

neyo_mic.jpgSo maybe we're starting to sound like a broken record here at SoulBounce, but at least that record is a stone cold jam!
Our man Ne-Yo has hit us over the head with another possible leak from his upcoming CD, Year of the Gentleman, that shows him digging deep into his bag of Michael Jackson tricks. This tune has the gloved one's stamp all over it--from the throwback instrumentation to Ne-Yo's cadence. I love Shaffer's take on this, but I'd be curious to hear Michael actually sing this obvious Michael song. Although I can't really see Jacko singing the lyric "can't nobody cut like her" once he looked up the definition on UrbanDictionary.com. But stranger things have happened. Is it just me, or does listening to this song make anyone else want to break out into some old Michael Peters choreography?

Ne-Yo: "Nobody"

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