J-Hud Says 'Yes, I Will' for Obama

Jennifer Hudson is ready, willing and able to do whatever necessary for presumptive Democratic presidential candidate and fellow Chicagoan Barack Obama. All he has to do, according to the Oscar-winning actress, is call. "I sang for Obama after I did Idol," Hudson says. "I'm so proud and excited for him. I haven't gotten a call from them yet, but he does have my support." Seems like Jenny's ready to do everything short of submitting her name as running mate. Good stuff. 

When I read that, though, I couldn't help but think of how dope a campaign song-collabo between J-Hud and another fellow Chicagoan might be. Or maybe a Democratic duet with this guy. Hey, you never know. And isn't that what the campaign has been about from the beginning? Possibilities? They seem endless now, don't they? Go Team Obama! 

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Jennifer Hudson: Call Me, Barack! [E!]

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