Common Pushing Album Date Back To Make Us All Dance

common_bald_head.jpgCommon has decided to push the album release back for his forthcoming album, Invincible Summer, to September 23rd, which happens to be the first official day of Fall. Granted, this means that bloggers and journalists everywhere can't refer to Common as having an "Invincible Summer" anymore, but peep what Rashid has to say about his new project:

"You can expect some fresh music that you've never heard from Common before...definitely a new sound. The inspiration came from me being out at them clubs. I said I want people to feel my music in that way... Not only do they know Common as this conscious artist who brings thoughtful lyrics, but we can dance to some of his music, too, and just smile and let go of our problems."

Oh boy. This could be a good thing...or a not so good thing. It seems as though John Legend and Musiq may have caught the "let's dance" bug, too. Let's all hope for more of a "Planet Rock" situation, and less of a "Radio" situation. 

[H/T: OKP]
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