Lalah Rolls Out New Video for 'Let Go'

lalah_hathaway.jpgIt was a little over a month ago when I saw posted on Lalah Hathaway's web site that she was looking for roller skaters and dancers in the Los Angeles area to come join her in filming the video for "Let Go," the lead single from Self Portrait, her disc that drops June 3rd. Being the dedicated Lalah fan that I am, I immediately searched flights to the west coast, and dusted off my skates. In. That. Order. *insert 'L' for loser here*

Alas, I didn't make it out there, but despite missing my presence to liven things up, the video did make it, world premeiring this past Friday on BET J's Soul Sessions. And now, it's here on the internets. Check the clip below and soak in all of the old school flavor, from the mid-tempo song itself to the guys and girls going for what they know, getting down on the original "fo-fo's." Taking it back to a time when life was much simpler. Lawd, I love me some Lalah. And if you love her like I do, stick close to SB as we "roll out" more Lalah really soon. We got more in store. Uh, for sure. *takes bow*

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