Bounce-Worthy: Tawiah

Photo Credit: Jan T. Sott

Imagine my surprise after hearing “Watch Out” by British songstress Tawiah on numerous mixes last year only to hear an ’80s Cameo-sounding banger (“Another One”) on another mixtape recently. Still giddy from stumbling upon this hidden gem, there were more surprises in store when I also discovered Tawiah’s EP In Jodi’s Bedroom floating amongst the flotsam within the interwebs. Twenty-one-year-old Tawiah, who hails from South London, has a velvety voice that bends and twists on the songs that all range from the rock/’80s funk/soul hybrid which she has coined “twisted soul.” Do yourself a favor and catch up on some hot nu soul by supporting this mohawked-dreadlocked soul sista and cop her album.

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