What You Talkin' Bout, Erykah?

erykah_yay.jpgErykah Badu was recently interviewed for Blender magazine, and some of her insights were particularly interesting.  Erykah made it known that she is drug and alcohol-free, she has a shoe fetish, once punched her pregnant sister for talking some mess to her face, and is perpetually late. Specifically, Erykah says, "I have no perception of time. Time is for White people." 

Now we all know the web that bloggers will spin especially after Alicia Keys' comments in the same exact magazine, Blender, about gangsta rap were taken out of context. To Erykah's credit, in the article she does explain that by being a double Pisces, she has a different perception of many things. Given her past work with the Nation of Islam and her latest album, New Amerykah Part One, speaks on Minister Louis Farrakhan and the NOI's message, this shouldn't be too far of reach for anyone to wrap their heads around. Hopefully, Erykah won't be having to issue a press statement clarifying her thoughts on the time-space-White people continuum. The article can be seen here

[H/T: OKP]
[Photo: Mark Heithoff]

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