MC Serch Puts Khia in Her Place... Again

mc-serch.jpgIf anyone has been keeping up with VH1's Ego Trip's Miss Rap Supreme, you saw the way Khia, known for her hit "My Neck, My Back", got booted off the show. The competition calls for the femcees to spit original rhymes throughout the show, but your girl Khia was spittin' rhymes from previous albums and got caught. MC Serch called her out on it, sent her home, and now Khia is going on all the radio shows and hip-hop websites calling Serch a hater because she's sold more records than him. She even did a YouTube clip about it (Be careful, you feel dumber after watching it). But once again, Serch called out the one hit wonder in his blog, which pretty much dealt Khia another L.

First things first, I admire that you sold 800,000 records and had a worldwide smash with 'My Neck My Back'. I was speaking to Talib Kweli today and we were talking about how that record was a worldwide smash. In terms of my records sold, you have stated that I have not sold 'Nann' the records you have sold. I think you might have been drinking a little too much of your own Kool Aid on that one. Third Bass had three albums, The Cactus Album, Derelicts of Dialect and a remix album call Cactus Revisited. My remix album sold 850,000 albums by itself. Cactus sold 1.3 million and sells 50,000 records a year for the past fifteen years. Derelicts of Dialect which had our Number 3 pop hit "Pop Goes the Weasel" sold 1.4 million records, 565,000 in the first 28 days. My solo record "Return of the Product" sold 350,000 records, so your album did better than my solo album, GOOD FOR YOU! In total I have sold personally as an artist, over 3.5 million records. Last time I did my math, and I am not that great at it, 3.5 is more then 800,000. Sorry ma, check please.

Hopefully that'll put Khia's argument to rest while she continues to promote an album that no one will probably buy.

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