Did Pharrell Bite Peven Everett?

In the clip below Peven Everett does a side-by-side comparison of his "Party of the Year" to Britney's "Sugarfall", produced by Pharrell. Yes, the compositional similarities are glaring, but pay close attention to Peven's voiceover along with the imagery used in the clip. He's calling out more than just Pharrell. Of course, Peven's no stranger to putting people on blast. I know what I hear, and although I'm not taking sides on this issue, it continues to amaze me how artists that are more widely-known would flagrantly appropriate the work of an indie. Of course, the infraction won't reach the awareness of many, as folks like Pharrell and his ilk are protected by piles and piles of money. What say you? [DotSpotter]

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